MAGNETIC BALLAST: Typically cheapest option, can be bulky, noisy and run hot. Magnetics are fine for those on a budget, but are becoming obsolete as digital ballasts become more affordable. Fixed wattage. Runs HPS & Metal Halide lamps.

DIGITAL BALLAST: Lightweight, cool running and silent. Digital ballasts are the modern and more efficient alternative to magnetic ballasts. Adjustable wattage and a ≈10% power boost is standard on most digital ballasts. Runs HPS & Metal Halide lamps.

315 CDM Technology: Low wattage but full spectrum. The digilight range offers a full 'daylight' spectrum which can be used as supplementary lighting e.g. between two HPS lights, or on its own throughout the full cycle. Runs 315 CDM bulbs available in '942 Mastercolour (Veg)' or '930 AGRO (Flower)'. They use a 'pgz18' socket fitting and will require a CDM shade or adapter to use with regular E40 fitting.

400v TECHNOLOGY: 400v ballasts use ‘3 phase electricity’ traditionally used in large premises and industry. 400v technology incorporated in grow lighting systems gives extra power to drive bulbs for higher output and more PAR. They run off regular 'single phase electricity' from a house plug, but convert the power to run specialised 400v bulbs. Typically adjustable, and also offer support for double ended bulbs, increasing efficiency and output even more! Serious tech, for serious growers!