METAL HALIDE (MH) bulbs give off a high amount of blue spectrum light perfect for vegetative growth. Using MH bulbs will increase growth rates in vegetative plants leading to fuller growth and less stretch. MH bulbs appear more crisp white to the eye. It is recommended to swap out MH bulbs for HPS when going into flower.

HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM (HPS) bulbs come in Dual Spectrum and Full HPS versions. Dual Spectrum bulbs contain a broader spectrum with a mix of blue and red light. DS bulbs are suitable for all stages of growth, and can be used all the way through your grow. Full HPS bulbs contain more red spectrum light which is suited to the flowering stage. HPS bulbs appear more yellow or orange than MH lights.

CDM 315 bulbs are intended for use with 315w Ballasts. These give off a full spectrum of light, comparable to sunlight. However the intensity of this light is not as high as with MH and HPS set ups. CDM lighting is best suited as a supplementary or vegetative lighting, but can be used for the full cycle using ‘AGRO’ and ‘ELITE’ bulbs.