CFL REFLECTOR: For CFL bulbs. Comes with a UK plug fitted to the lead as CFL’s do not require a ballast. The holster is also set a further distance from the shade allowing up to a 300w bulb diameter.

REGULAR REFLECTOR: Open shades which hold the bulb in horizontal position. Often the cheapest option and popular throughout the industry.

PARABOLIC REFLECTOR: In a horizontal reflector the lamp is mounted horizontally with the light and heat being directed downwards to the area directly beneath the reflector. With a Parabolic, the lamp is mounted vertically covering more area in a more even manner.

ADJUSTABLE WING REFLECTOR: Adjust the spread of light by opening or closing the shade wings. Allows light to be focussed more accurately on smaller plants and opened wider as plants grow.

AIR COOLED REFLECTOR: Closed units which are ventilated by fans to move hot air away from the bulb directly, lowering heat in the grow room. Allows plants to get closer to the light and keeps temps down in summer months etc