6″ (150mm) Silenced Hyper Fan V2 – 560 m3/h
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6″ (150mm) Silenced Hyper Fan V2 – 560 m3/h


  • 330 ft³/miAirflow icon
  • 560 m³/Decibels icon
  • 58 dDiameter icon
  • 150 mWattage icon
  • 42 W
  • 5.3 kg

Silenced Hyperfan

The most powerful EC inline fan of its size, class and price, all wrapped up in acoustic foam and sealed housing to make it the best silent grow room fan.

vs AC fans

Digital fans are quieter and use half the electricity that AC fans of an equal size consume. Comes with a fan speed controller as standard for easy control over the speed of your fan, running between 0% – 100% power.

Superior noise dampening

Housed in acoustic foam and a silencing cannister to dampen noise, without restricting your airflow. Did you hear that? No, neither did we!

Best-in-class power

The 6 inch inline fan is only 150mm and the most powerful fan for its size with a maximum airflow of 535 m3/h, making it ideal for smaller environments like grow tents.

Made for efficiency

Designed to generate immense static pressure, so even when your carbon filter, metalwork and ducting are attached – you’ll still get plenty of air out of your grow room.