AirComfort Thermo/Hygro
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AirComfort Thermo/Hygro


Air Comfort Hydroponics ThermoHygrometer

the AirComfort is a temperature and humidity sensor that will help growers manage their grow space conditions with ease. The device wirelessly connects to any smart phone and growers can use the Air Comfort app to recieve, record and store temperature and humidity data. It can also take recordings from every 5 minutes up to every 40 minutes and store up to 100 days worth of data depending on recording setting. You can also set alerts for when the temperature or humidity changes so you are always in the know.


Monitor your temperature & humidity via any iOS or Android mobile app – the AirComfort sensor is here.

It’s a 2-in-1 thermometer and hygrometer that brings smart technology to your grow room!

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