BAC X-Seed
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BAC X-Seed


X-Seed: for plant germination

X-Seed is a revolutionary plant germination booster that:

  • Improves and accelerates seed germination
  • Improves the plant’s immune system
  • Improves plant vigour

Why use a plant germination booster?

Nobody likes to sow seeds without harvesting a crop. Therefore, most farmers pay close attention to substrate and seed quality, applying the proper nutrients and avoiding under- or overwatering.

However, seedlings are vulnerable. The quicker they grow a good root system, the better equipped they are to fend off disease and plagues. This is where a plant germination booster comes into play. It advances root growth, enhancing the plant’s ability take up fertilisers and nutrients. The result: stronger, healthier plants that form a solid foundation for an exuberant crop.

BAC X-Seed – 100% natural with proven effectiveness

But BAC’s germination booster does not end there. First of all, it is entirely organic and therefore useful in organic and conventional farming alike. Furthermore, it helps plants to gain a higher resistance to pathogenic moulds and diseases – especially ones that attack roots. Consequently, more seedlings will sprout.

Shortening the time for seed germination, our booster allows you to:

  • Sow 6-10 days later
  • Save green house energy
  • Increase cost-efficiency
  • Enjoy bigger profits

Test carried out by the Faculty of Horticulture, the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine-Bucharest have certified the effectiveness of this booster: using X-Seed, seeds will germinate 3 times faster than without.

BAC X-Seed is suitable for most seed types. This plant germination booster is very useful in the mass production of seedlings. However, should you wish to use it for small scale farming, we offer smaller packages as well.

BAC’s organic plant germination booster is available in 10 ml, 100 ml, and 1 litre.



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