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Supernatural Brand Bud Blaster is a soluble, late flowering, boost supplement that pushes the overall size of fruits, increasing final yields, as well as improving taste during the ripening stage at the final 2 weeks of bloom.

Made from a formula of quality ingredients to give Bud Blaster high levels of Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K), much needed elements during late flowering, to help push fruits to the optimum, both in terms of size and taste.

When thoroughly mixed in with the regular base feed, Supernatural Brand Bud Blaster not only dissolves quickly, it also is quickly absorbed by the root system, then transported around the plant to areas which require additional levels of P and K for bountiful fruit production.

Benefits of Supernatural Brand Bud Blaster include:

  • Soluble late flowering and ripening PK Boost
  • Improves overall size and flavours of final fruits
  • Should be used alongside normal feeding regime
  • Can be used in soil, coco and hydro growing methods

Typical usage of Supernatural Brand Bud Blaster:

1-2 TSP thoroughly mixed to 22.7L (5 US Gal) of water and fed every 2-3 Days in soilless systems or every 1-2 weeks in soil at around weeks 8-9.

Please Note:

  • EC levels SHOULD be taken once the solution is mixed, too high it may burn the plants
  • Not to be used alongside an organic feeding regime