CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter 8″ X 660mm
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CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter 8″ X 660mm


CarboAir 100 200 660

  • Max air flow 2550m3/h
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Comes with a machine washable pre-filter
  • 18 month guarantee

Filter Housing

We are very proud of our industrial galvanised steel filter casing. Using the highest quality materials enabled us to produce the finest mesh.

The filter mesh is 55.5% open for the best air flow through the filter. Our filters have better flow rates, enabling us to utilise a thicker carbon bed compared to our competitors. The filter mesh we chose means we don’t need to use an internal nylon mesh that slows air flow, unlike our competitors.

Virgin Activated Granular Carbon

The carbon we use has been tailor-made for CarboAir to extract odour from air and work in unison with our fine zinc mesh body. Our virgin carbon is activated at temperatures above 1000°C in a humid environment. The process opens the pores of the carbon to give it incredibly high absorption properties of organic particles and other airborne pollutants. The carbon is produced to very high standards in Europe, unlike Chinese filters which often contain cheaper blends and risk water contamination during shipping.

Being produced in the EU enables better quality control. Our carbon is produced to EN12915 which means it is pure enough to be used in food and drink applications. The size and depth of our filter has been specially designed to provide the correct contact between the contaminated air and carbon.


Being able to utilise Systemair laboratories for testing the CarboAir filters enables us to be confident that our filters deliver what we say. Unlike our competitors, we want our customers to know the air flow they will achieve combining our products with fans.

Technical Specifications
Flange mm200
Length mm660
Carbon Bed mm100
Max Air Flow m3/h2550

Systemair have tested CarboAir 100 with a range of fans taking the guess work out of picking the best fan and filter combo.

Never run filters at their maximum cubic capacity. If using a fan not specified in the table, please contact GAS for technical information.