Dr Hydro – De Chlorinator – 500ml
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Dr Hydro – De Chlorinator – 500ml


Dr Hydro Venus Protection Spray is formulated for use on dioecious plant species. A dioecious plant will either be female (producing only female flowers), or male (producing only male flowers). However, under sub-optimal conditions a dioecious plant can turn hermaphrodite; producing both male and female flowers. In crops where female flowers are the harvestable crop, male flowers are a major hindrance as they produce pollen to fertilise the ovules in the female flowers. The resulting seed production reduces crop quality and yield. Therefore, keeping dioecious plant in optimal conditions with the biostimulants in Dr Hydro Venus protects your crop from major loss.


Dilute 50mL of the concentrate in one litre of clean water. Apply as a foliar spray to only the large older leaves at the bottom of the plant. Do not apply in temperatures greater than 26°C.

To minimise the risk of scorch, apply just before the lights are turned off for the night. Apply just before the photoperiod is reduced to initiate flowering. Apply a repeat application 7-14 days later.

There is no need to drench the crop, a light application is sufficient. Store out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat (4-30°C).

Safety Data:

Keep out of reach of children. For further details on safe use and handling see safety data sheet.



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