Dual Condition Adaptor (DCC-1)
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Dual Condition Adaptor (DCC-1)


Dual Condition Adaptor (DCC-1)

The TrolMaster DCC-1 provides a simple solution to control a single device, with more than one condition. For example, people like to turn on their exhaust fans when either temp or humidity is too high; shut off CO2 when turn on exhaust fans. There are many other examples where two conditions can be either combined or split.

The DCC-1 is designed to be used in combination with one of TrolMaster’s plug-in style module. (DSC-1, DSH-1/2, DST-1/2 and DSP-1).

Once connected to the plug-in module using the RJ12 cable built-into the DCC-1, the DCC-1 will act in concert with that plug-in module to control whatever device is connected to the plug-in module.

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