ONA – Odour Neutralising Agent – Liquid 1ltr

ONA – Odour Neutralising Agent – Liquid 1ltr



ONA Liquid: A versatile, practical and mighty odour eliminator

ONA liquid is a powerful odour eliminator, it can be used with any type of liquid sprayer, indoors or outdoors.

Odour Neutraliser in Liquid Form

ONA Liquid is an odour eliminator in liquid form. It works through natural evaporation or by spraying it into the air. ONA is a complex formula of essential oils, industrial strength, yet safe for home and business. ONA Odour Neutraliser can be safely used around people and pets.

The ONA molecules will react with any odour molecules that they come into contact with. The reaction will render any unwanted odour molecules null and inert, removing smells safely and permanently. Whether the ONA liquid is sprayed in the air or washed into fabrics, the chemistry remains the same and offers guaranteed odour removal.

To read about how ONA works, visit our Science of ONA page.

Although ONA Liquid is often used to refill ONA Gel, this is not recommended as the formulation is not optimal for evaporation. ONA Gel is an identically priced product and provides better results when evaporation is required.

ONA Liquid Fragrances:

Available in Fresh Linen,Polar Crystal, Apple Crumble, Tropics, PRO and Fruit Fusion fragrances.

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Pro, Polar Crystal, Fresh Linen, Apple Crumble, Tropics, Fruit Fusion