Plant Magic Soil Grow
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Plant Magic Soil Grow


Hydroponic plant nutrients are absolutely essential if you are using a hydroponic growing system, as plants need a number of vital chemicals to be able to grow and flourish. Outdoor soil environments offer most of these nutrients organically, however indoor plants need a balance of nutrients for continued healthy growth.

Plant Magic’s nutrient solutions are specially formulated to give your plants all of the elements that they need, designed for hydroponics and hydroponic systems.

But what makes Plant Magic the best Hydroponic Nutrients?

All of our products are have secondary nutrients in addition to all trace elements, giving your crop the extra boost it needs.

  • Our fertilisers are perfect for all types of hydroponic systems and soilless mediums.
  • We promise that our nutrients will not suffer from nutrient lock out or other deficiencies.
  • All of our nutrients are highly concentrated to make sure that your plants will be robust and fruitful.

Growing hydroponic plants has never been easier.

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