Street Light XT-300 LED
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Street Light XT-300 LED


Street Light XT-300 LED


LEDs, short for ‘light-emitting diodes’, are the same little lights that you find on everyday electronics, like the pinpoint of light flickering away on your laptop that shows it is alive and kicking.

The LEDs used in LED grow lamps are essentially the same as these, but they are much more powerful and a bunch of them are grouped together into a single fixture to provide indoor plants with enough light for them to grow.

LED growing lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and as the technology evolves and more companies and organisations get into the business of growing plants under indoor LED plant lights, the variety of horticulture LED grow lighting is becoming increasingly diverse.

Why Choose the LED XT?

Available in 3 sizes, the Street Light LED is a top-quality full spectrum grow light. Using effective LED technology, it fuels plants from the vegetative stage through to flowering with high efficiency Samsung LED chips.

Benefits of using a Street Light LED XT Grow Light:

  • Optimised spectrum for all phases of plant growth
  • Massive heat sink keeps the LEDs running cool
  • Wide ranging spectrum UV, warm white, natural white and red
  • Up to 2.4µmol/J with industry leading Samsung LEDs
  • Sleek, robust aluminium alloy hosing
  • 3-metre lead with British Standard 3pin plug
  • Superior lighting uniformity across the plant canopy
  • Extremely efficient at converting power into useable light
  • No moving parts, virtually silent operation
  • Built to meet IP64 standards. Dust and Splash resistant
  • LEDs coated with waterproof membrane for protection
  • Fully assembled, ready to ‘plug and play’