6″ (150mm) Hyper fan V2 – 560 m3/h
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6″ (150mm) Hyper fan V2 – 560 m3/h


  • 330 ft³/min
  • 560 m³/h
  • 66 dB
  • 150 mm
  • 42 W
  • 1.9 kg



Best in class power consumption. Highest static pressures and airflows of any mixed flow fan on the market.

vs AC fans

More powerful, more efficient & quieter. The new higher fan speeds work better under pressure and resist pressure drops better than other fans including the old Hyperfan.

Saving you money

It costs just £62 a year to run a 6” Hyperfan at full power*. Compare this to AC fans on the market which can cost up to 5x more to run over the year. It’s time to believe the Hype!

Full control

Can be controlled between 0-100% and 0-10 volt controllable which is compatible with Phresh Hyper fan, Gavita and all Gas EC controllers including active controllers.

Built to last

Brushless multiphase motors and soft-start circuitry reduce noise and wear. Built with 9-pole, electronically commutated (EC) motors and tougher steel casing with Abec 7 ball bearings. If that wasn’t enough it comes with a 2-year warranty!