Diffuser With Damper
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Diffuser With Damper


Circular Diffuser With Damper – For use with Opticlimate Pro 3

The circular diffuser is used as an outlet point for ventilation systems, directing air at an angle that encourages it to spread through the room. This is particularly useful for those running Opticlimate climate control systems – circular diffusers are perfect for directing treated air towards the plant canopy.

  • Directs air outwards from your ducting
  • Fits directly on to your ducting
  • Ideal for use with an Opticlimate
  • Will require the additional purchase of a Female To Female Coupling 6″


1 x diffuser of your choice, 1 x mounting bracket, 2 x screws

How the Circular Diffuser Works:

The diffuser can be fitted to any piece of solid ducting using an same sized coupling. Sitting just behind the diffuser are a set of dampers that can be used to regulate air flow. These dampers can be accessed quickly and easily (even when the diffuser is fitted in place) by twisting and unscrewing the front of the diffuser.

Using the Circular Diffuser:

This diffuser can be fitted to any piece of solid 6-inch ducting by using a coupling and some aluminium tape. As mentioned above, the angle of the dampers can be altered quickly and easily by unscrewing the front of the diffuser.

Additional information

Weight2 kg

6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm)