Ecothrive Life – Cycle – 250g/ 1kg / 5kg
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Ecothrive Life – Cycle – 250g/ 1kg / 5kg


Life-Cycle is a balanced organic nutrient mix designed to feed the soil with a diverse blend of nutrients and minerals. Life-Cycle can be mixed with depleted soil at the end of a grow, or used to boost the soil in veg and bloom as a top dressed supplement. Created for use with our Eco-Life potting soil, but can also be used with other soil or coco mixes. Made from raw dry ingredients, Life-Cycle will nourish your soil to produce naturally productive plants.

How to use


Used Eco-Life Soil – Mix 250g per 40L.

New Soil or Coco – Mix 300-350g per 50L.

After mixing allow the mix warm and cool down before using. Large volumes of medium will warm up more and may need turning every 2-3 days.

Top Dress

Lightly dust the surface of each 40-50L pot with 1-2 tablespoons (15-30ml) Water as usual after application. Repeat every 2-3 weeks

What’s in it?

Eco-Life contains: Ecothrive Charge (mealworm castings), Neem Cake, Kelp (Seaweed) meal, Crustacean meal, Basalt Rock Dust, Gypsum, Humic and Fulvic Acids (Nutrimate).

vailable form. Composed entirely from the droppings of beetles, this premium grade poop is packed full of beneficial

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Weight25 kg

250g, 1kg, 5kg