Guard’n’Aid DiatoMITE 500g
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Guard’n’Aid DiatoMITE 500g


Guard’n’Aid Diatomite 

DiatoMITE from Guard’n’Aid is a diatomaceous earth dusting powder which can be applied to plant leaves and surrounding soil to create an inhospitable environment for insects. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder made up of fossilised silica diatoms which has many qualities and uses:

  • Absorbs moisture, fats and oils
  • Aids in plant growth and development
  • Is an anti-caking feed additive
  • Creates an inhospitable environment for insects

Guard’n’Aid DiatoMITE naturally draws away all the essential moisture that insects require to grow, making plants and leaves uninhabitable environments.

It can be liberally applied in and around the home including the garden when the weather is dry.

What is diatomaceous earth?

It is a naurally occurring soft rock which can easily be crumbled into a fine powder. It is made from silica diatoms which is the fossilised remains of tiny aquatic organisms.

Diatomaceous earth works by absorbing moisture, oils and fats causing the environment to dry out and making an inhospitable environment for insects to develop.