House & Garden DRIP CLEAN
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House & Garden DRIP CLEAN


House & Garden Drip Clean

Make clogged nozzles a thing of the past with House & Garden’s Drip Clean – designed for any type of drip irrigation system!

  • Created by a top Dutch manufacturer – House & Garden
  • Designed for use in drip-irrigation systems
  • Removes dirt from your irrigation piping
  • Can be used with your usual nutrient solution
  • Contains minerals to give your plants a boost
  • Perfect for use with the range of House & Garden nutrients and additives


1 bottle of House & Garden Drip Clean (choose your size above)

How House & Garden Drip Clean Works:

House & Garden Drip Clean is an additive for use with any irrigation system using a drip-feed system. Drip clean works like a magnet, removing dirt particles and salt residues to ensure that your piping and drippers remain clean and free of blockages. This helps to ensure that your drip-system doesn’t fail, which could cause wilting, root-damage and even dead plants.

Using House & Garden Drip Clean:

House & Garden Drip Clean is only for use in Drip-irrigation systems from NEW. Drip clean is so effective that if used on an old system, residues in piping may break away and actually cause blockages. Simply add 0.1ml for each Litre of nutrient solution in your reservoir and mix well. Drip Clean will prevent any dirt build-up and actually give your plants a boost of minerals at the same time.

Used as directed and in combination with House & Garden nutrients and additives, Drip Clean will keep your drip-feed irrigation system clean and functioning optimally.

House & Garden Drip Clean recommended dosage – 0.1ml/Litre.

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