Hydroponics For Everybody – William Texier
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Hydroponics For Everybody – William Texier


This richly illustrated, comprehensive guide to hydroponic gardening increases readers’ harvests to levels they never thought possible. There are many advantages to hydroponics: in addition to providing greater control over the nutrition the plants receive, there are ecological benefits. Efficient use of water and the conservation of nutrients are important environmental considerations. With hydroponics, neither is lost down the drain or into the ground.

Another benefit of hydroponic gardening is that plants get all their needs met within a smaller space. Hydroponics for Everybody explores different hydroponic systems and covers everything necessary for garden management, including what to look for in terms of nutrients and mediums and how to treat plant deficiencies. The section on setting up a grow room explains the equipment needed for successful indoor gardening.

It covers lighting, ventilation, carbon dioxide, and other basic plant needs, and it offers pointers for controlling noise and odour. The section on organic hydroponics provides important insights and detailed instructions for successful urban gardening and kitchen farming. From the ABCs of basic gardening to high-tech installations and the most guarded secrets everything growers ever wanted to know about hydroponic gardening is here.

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