Mist Maker 5
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Mist Maker 5



These Mist Makers are very easy to use. They improve the grow environment and encourage healthier grow. Ideal for propagation areas and mother tents. The parts are very easy to replace and cost-effective. You can increase your humidity without even wetting your plants! Let the Mist Maker sit there and slowly produce water vapor via ultrasonic vibrations.


Some handy information- To go by the number of lights you have you will need a mist maker 3 for anything up to 2 lights or a mist maker 5 for anything up to 4 lights.

  • Light, fine fog that doesn’t wet plants
  • Overheating protection (auto-off)
  • For best results, use with a Float Valve (you don’t have to top up your tank as often)

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Mist Maker

Float Only, Mist Maker 5


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