Telos – 0006 LED Light Fixture


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Telos – 0006 LED Light Fixture

The Telos series is a range of full spectrum LED systems designed and manufactured in the UK by GN for growing taller plants in both harsh greenhouse conditions and indoor farming platforms where natural light may be limited. The Telos 6 has 6 30W modules, drawing 180W and providing a PPF output of 336.78μmol/s.

Featuring a waterproof and dustproof design, the Telos 6 can withstand any growing environment while providing a natural light for working under. The use of passive natural convection has eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise output and significanlty increasing the life span of the light as it contains no moving parts.

Full spectrum

Our enhanced full spectrum LED grow lights use a blend of white and photo-red LEDs to provide a highly efficient solution for horticultural applications.The light intensity distribution of the Telos range has been calibrated to provide optimal light absorption through a stable, homogenised source, reducing ‘hot spots’ which can occur in other lighting products. Previous generations of LED grow lights used a mixture of royal blue and photo-red LED’s to target chlorophyll absorption peaks. Whilst these solutions worked adequately they missed out important spectra for quality plant growth, lacked penetration through dense canopies and provided poor visibility for inspecting and maintaining growth chambers.

Suitable for Harsh Environments

Whether they are indoors or outdoors, LED grow lights should be able to withstand varying degrees of moisture. The Telos Systems are built and tested to an IP66 water and dust protection making them suitable for use in dry, damp and wet conditions. This, combined with the UV protected elements and corrosion protected metal work finishes and materials, makes it suitable for harsh greenhouse conditions in addition to controlled indoor platforms.

Passive Cooling

The advancement of LED technology has allowed GN to design our first high powered LED grow light with passive convection cooling. This fanless design means no moving parts are required for cooling, so the Telos Systems are extremely robust, offer an enhanced lifespan and operate with significantly reduced noise output.

CREE LED Technology

The Telos Systems utilise high powered LED technology from market leaders CREE INC. The white LEDs are XPG3 lamps which are the most efficient white LEDs in the 3535 class. The new XPEHE lamp is used for the photo-red (660nm) enhancements. The top bin (C01) photo red used in the Telos is the most efficient 660nm package in the 3535 high powered class.

8W Aluminium Circuit Board

The LEDs in the Telos Systems are mounted on an aluminium Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB) which incorporates diaelectric material technology to enhance their efficiency and lifespan. Using these materials increases the thermal conductivity from the standard 3W to 8W, ensuring a reliable high temperature circuit board whilst lowering the junction point of the LEDs, significantly improving the output efficiency per watt. The LED boards are pressure bonded to the heatsink with a graphite thermal interface to further enhance conductivity

Safe Low Voltage Design

The new MCPCB thermal technology allows for the first time a commercially reliable low voltage ladder configuration with high powered LEDs. Using accurately weighted thermal and resistive linking allows the voltage across each 30w LED module to be lowered to just under 6 volts, bringing the Telos Systems below the scope of the low voltage directive. Not only does this make them much safer than typical high voltage LED lamps but also more reliable under fault conditions.


The efficiency of CREE’s LED emitter technology is developing at a rate of around 6% per year, leading to the release of an updated product every three years. We wanted to deliver an LED grow light that could be easily upgraded by the user to future proof the unit, allowing it to be adapted to likely developments in technology. Using smart pressure seals has eliminated the need for potting, adhesives or pastes in the manufacture of the Telos System, ensuring that the simple and safe electrical connections are accessible for future updates. The drivers like the LED modules are also easily upgradeable/interchangeable via IP66 rated twist lock connectors and multiple mounting options.

Single Stage Holographic Optics

The Telos Systems feature newly developed optical technology from GN (LHP). Progressing from the Holographic series developed in 2014, we sought to develop a solution that could achieve the same homogeneous distribution but in a single optical stage as opposed to the multiple lenses used in the HS1. The resulting single stage holographic optics have a transmission efficiency of 93% and provide a stable homogeneous distribution, reducing hotspots in the beam angle. These developments in technology allow for significantly increased the PAR absorption by plants and improved plant quality and health.