3 way valve 355mm
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3 way valve 355mm


Fully acclimatize two rooms with one Opticlimate Pro!

Using your Opticlimate Pro system, it’s possible to fully control TWO growing areas with ONE Opticlimate system. The Opticlimate 3-Way Valve fits onto your existing system, give you the ability to channel the air emitted from your Opti to two different areas automatically.

  • Fits the Pro 3 Opticlimate 10000 and 15000 systems
  • Gives you duel room control from one Opticlimate unit
  • Saves money as you’re only ever using one Opticlimate unit
  • Easy to install


1x Opticlimate 3 Way Valve 355mm, instruction manual with colour step-by-step guide

Power consumption: 1.5 watts

How the Opticlimate 3 Way Valve Works:

The Opticlimate fully conditions your air before it is pumped into your growing area, giving you complete control over your environment. The Opticlimate 3 Way Valve gives you the freedom to split the airflow between two rooms set to 12/12 lighting regimes.

It should be noted that fitting the 3 Way Valve loses you the ability to use the night time heating and dehumidifying functions. You will also need an additional Opticlimate Temperature probe 10m for the second growing area.

How to use the Opticlimate 3 Way Valve:

You can connect the 3 Way Valve directly to your Opti or via ducting, but try to keep the ducting runs to each room the same length. If they are different lengths, this will create uneven environments in the two rooms, caused by the pressure difference.

Because your Opticlimate now controls two areas, it cannot regulate the night time environment in both areas so depending on your situation additional heater/s and dehumidifier/s may be required.

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